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Chez Mamy


Thomas and Celine have always known. It is a story of friendship that starts around the table when their parents meet for dinner with friends on weekends and during the summer holidays in Brittany.

Everyone follows his way, Thomas chose to become a chef and Celine, after Communication studies, she also turns to the restoration. Thomas specializes in bistro cooking after going through big houses - the Tour d'Argent, the plaza Athénée-, Celine made his debut as a director and responsible in large hotels and restaurants - Hotel Costes, Chez Georges - until the day when the idea of ​​opening a restaurant appears to them as obvious.

They then fall on this place that has the soul of a true Parisian bistro in a neighborhood that is not called for nothing Faidherbe Village. Here everyone knows, lives together and it is natural that they want Chez Mamy become one of the gathering places, exchanges and conviviality of the neighborhood. Their priority is to keep this bistro-style dear to them.

We find ourselves in the small cozy room Chez Mamy - 35 assises- places to share a moment with friends, a family meal in comfortable benches. Customers - regulars, passersby attracted by the atmosphere but also are those that word of mouth has brought here - is eclectic, like the neighborhood.

In the kitchen they have no doubt they will be a frank and lively food market where products will be showcased.

As an aperitif, radishes replace the usual peanuts and the wine list is eclectic with a range of very reasonable price.

The kitchen is proposed slate and there are at the mercy of ceps and chanterelles seasons, oysters, foie gras egg casseroles winter while asparagus / poached egg and tomato / burrata are the must of the spring season.

The dishes do not lack variety, it ranges from traditional dishes - beef cheek, veal liver pad and pot-au-feu and Sunday- the most delicate dishes such as set-cooked tuna and risotto with Saint Jacques .

Finally, the head monk here in the spotlight alongside the famous Saint Marcellin Richard's mother, not to mention for desserts, rice pudding with salted butter caramel whose reputation has already been around the neighborhood.

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